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  1. Gathering Information
    ​ We aim to bring further understanding to the difficulties you are experiencing. In order to do so, we will gather information from you about your child, or about you from others close to you. We value that you are the expert in the difficulties faced. We will require to gather the necessary information and through initial telephone consultation we will consider whether a full assessment is the best next step for you. If so, we would then require to meet with you to gather more detailed information. However a full diagnosis cannot be made on this alone. We would then proceed to use the currently recommended formal diagnostic assessments.
  2. ADI-R and ADOS-2
    The Autism Diagnostic Interview - Revised (ADI-R) is a semi-structured interview which explores the relevant information necessary for a full diagnostic assessment. The information is provided by a parent/care-giver and provides a measure of the severity of the signs of autism across the relevant dimensions of functioning. ADOS -2 The Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule (ADOS-2) is used to assess and diagnose ASD. The assessment is completed in a single session (40-60 minutes). The assessment includes tasks, interactive play, conversations and story-telling, emotions and social difficulties. You can be confident that our assessment is done in accordance with the most up to date recommended practice.
  3. Feedback
    We appreciate that you will be eager to know the outcome of the assessment as quickly as possible and therefore with Aspect Psychology you can be assured of a swift and highly professional process. In most cases we aim to have a report completed within two weeks. Once our assessment is complete, we will meet with you again to provide feedback. Following this, you will be provided with your comprehensve written report. This session provides opportunity for you to ask questions that you may have.
We work closely with a number of Mental health associates who have training in various therapies such as Counselling, CBT, behaviour Management, Parenting advice and support. Psychological Therapies are offered and are  tailored to the indivdual.  

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