Customer Testimonials

and case histories

I contacted Aspect Psychology because I wanted to avoid a potentially difficult referral process, leading to a lengthy wait and an assessment whose quality I could not be assured of, and Aspect exceeded my hopes in all areas. From my very first email, all responses were very prompt and the process was speedy while remaining very thorough and not at all rushed. All professionals involved were very caring as well as being very knowledgeable, and I felt very much like they were invested in my wellbeing rather than just looking to make a judgement. The histories taken and ADOS assessment led to a very thorough report that covered all areas, as well as valuable personalised advice and continued support. I would definitely give them my highest recommendation.

Alex, 22 

University Graduate

I found Aspect on the NAS website and contacted them in Spring 2017, to enquire about obtaining an Autism assessment.  The reason I chose them was because of their reputation, location and short lead time in seeing me.   Unfortunately,  an NHS referral would have taken around 9-12 months for a first appointment and I simply could not wait that long.
I met with Alison initially and was impressed with her manner and her professionalism.  She put me at ease and quickly understood my predicament and my trepidations.  She was able to understand me and to calm my fears, by clearly explaining what an assessment would involve, who would be involved and how long it would take.
Being diagnosed, whilst upsetting, has also been a relief and will allow me to address issues that have plagued me throughout my adult life such as poor working relationships, socially isolated friendships/relationships, OCD, eating difficulties, anxiety and depression. I now understand why I have constantly struggled to fit in, not enjoy social activities and find change difficult. It has given me the chance to understand myself better and realise that I need to take good care of myself and adapt when necessary in both work and private life.
Being undiagnosed is a constant struggle of knowing that something is not quite right, but not knowing what it is, of trying to fit in, of trying to be the same as everyone else, of not understanding what I have done wrong when people do not like me or are mean to me, of not understanding why I am being bullied at work, or being unable to assert myself with people or fight back.
Now that I know I am Autistic, I can address these areas and with further CBT sessions with Aspect, I will be better equipped to move forward in my career, my relationships and my life, without feeling that I am doing something wrong.  I accept that I am “different” but that I have many great qualities that will propel me onto the next chapter in my life. 
I can’t thank Aspect enough for their continuing support through what has been, at times, a difficult and distressing exercise. I would also compliment Aspect on their ‘after care’ - they  offer a sympathetic and considerate approach on my onward journey.

Steve, 45 yrs, Senior Business Manager

Harry and his parents came to Aspect after years of knowing he was 'quirky'.  He had experienced some developmental challenges, being slow to walk, talk and gain other skills.  Harry had some difficuty looking at others, and responding  when spoken to.  His parents wondered if his tendency to play on his own and his other habits were indictive of Autism.  Following a positive diagnosis, his family were able to speak with school and put in place some additional supports.  They now have a better understanding and adjust their own parenting style to assist Harry now and feel more equipped to deal with the future. 

Harry, 11 yrs

​Having experienced some anxiety and bouts of low mood since high school David believed that people were to be avoided and this would act to reduce the stress upon him.   However David felt increasingly isolated and alone.  He told himself for a long time that he was 'happy enough' at playing his much loved computer games and researching his areas of interest but then a friend mentioned possible Aspergers to him.  David began researching this and believed that he did exhibit some traits but not all.  David had friends and made friends easily however he did not have much 'social energy' for them and often found himself on the periphery of his peers.  He tended to misinterpret what others were saying and had a tendency to worry excessively about what others thought of him.   Since receiving a diagnosis of ASD, David can now explain himself better and check out wth others if he has misread them.  His friends have treated him no differently which was a worry.          
                                                                                       David,   19 yrs student 

We sought assistance from Aspect Psychology due to difficulties our daughter Abbie (13 years) was having.   Abbie had long standing difficulties with anger and annoyance towards family members, yet behaved impeccably at school.  We also noticed that Abbie became quickly and easily overwhelmed by day to day activities and friendships.  Abbie also struggled with mood and anxiety around changes and demands put upon her.  We started to consider whether high functioning Autism/ aspergers/ASD would explain her difficulties and sought assistance from Aspect and received a speedy assessment and diagnosis….

Jenny,   ​​​​Therapist